My Hero Academia Season 5: What’s next after the surprising and confusing end that season 4 had?


Major spoilers from previous seasons ahead

Let’s start off by saying that My Hero Academia is returning with season 5, and the studio announced this by releasing a teaser last month. It’s going to start with a training arc between classes 1A and 1B. What’s also a big question in the minds of anime-only fans I’d the mysterious dream that Deku had in the post-credit scene of season 4. Well, let’s see what’s about to happen.


A brief summary

Season 4 of My Hero Academia started with a new villain called Overhaul, who wanted to make the world return to how it was before Quirks happened. He was a member of the Yakuza called Shie Hassaikai and wanted it to return to its former glory. Believing that Quirks are everything that’s wrong with society, he uses a young girl called Eri to create bullets made from her blood to destroy Quirks.

My Hero Academia
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Deku has gone to Allmight’s former teammate Nighteye’s agency to work, and on his first day of patrolling, he and Mirio Togota come across Eri. While they weren’t able to help her then, with the help of other pro heroes and youngsters like Kirishima, Uraraka and Asui, they managed to shut Overhaul down, but Mirio took a bullet and lost his quirk.

The second half of season 4 was comparatively light-hearted, but Deku did fight a villain known as Gentle Criminal.

Season 5 details

My Hero Academia
Studio Bones

Season 5 will focus on the UA students – at least the first half will if they plan to make 24 episodes again. Class 1B will be getting their time to shine as the two classes get divided into small teams to battle it out.

As for Midoriya’s dream, if you had paid attention, you would’ve notice Nana Shimura, Allmight’s mentor and the holder of One For All before him. The other people with her are the previous owners and Deku will be understanding his power more.

Season 5 will start airing from March 27, 2021.

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