TNT Greenlights ‘Snowpiercer’ For Season 3 Even Before The Second Season Premiere


It seems like while TNT finally has unveiled the much-awaited second season of Snowpiercer and let’s just say we are in for yet another big surprise as the network has made an unexpected announcement!

Get Ready For More As Sci-Fi Series Snowpiercer Has Already Been Renewed For Season 3!

With TNT network officially releasing the second season of Snowpiercer, fans already got a glimpse of all the intense action, drama and twists released by the network and now with the third season also happening, we have a lot to look forward to!

Snowpiercer 3

With the newest season made its way in January, the network made the big announcement even before the premiere of the second season. The dystopian drama series has been quite popular amongst fans and TNT did not waste much time before giving a greenlit for the third season! For now, have a look at this fun video that summarise the first season in thirty seconds!

The Third Season Will Solve Some Of The Major Cliffhangers And Some Unexpected Comebacks!

With the second season finale leaving behind too many unanswered questions, fans were shocked to see Andre’s flame Josie making her shocking return! While this was one of the most shocking returns, Andre will be stuck in this complicated triangle in the coming third season. The leading stars of the series have already confirmed the news on their respective social media account.

Snowpiercer 3

Between Zarah carrying Andre’s baby and Josie finally gaining consciousness with Andre by her side, the third season will delve deeper into the issue that will see how Andre strikes a balance with this newfound discovery! For now, don’t miss out on the brand new episodes of the dystopian drama series. We are sure there several loose ends that the third season must solve.

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