Attack on Titan: Episode 7 of season 4 cues that Titan is more emphasized and played a crucial role in Marley Invasion


We hope that before reading further you have watched all the seasons and all the episodes of season 4. Ahead contains spoilers.

“Attack of Titans” is one of the hiked show in anime history. The kind of grilles “Attack of Titans” gives is unacceptable. Every move in the show is appreciably connected. However, if you are a novice and just though to watch an anime, we won’t suggest you to watch “Attack of Titans” at initial.

This is one of the most disruption creating episode as so many characters as justified in it. Every bit of the show is hell of satisfying. “Attack of Titans” has got numerous ultimate episodes but episode 7 is just amazing.

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Assault [Episode 7]: It is one of the most complex episode of “Attack of Titans”

This show elaborate about how to work together to stop the ruckus that is spread by Titans. The episode is filled with amazing battles. But one thing you will regret about is that there are many characters who die in these fights. These battles are so finely woven that you will realize in the end of the battle that you have lost your favourite character.

These battles are more crucial than it seems. Through these battles the episode explore its impact on Gabi and Falco. Gabi intend to murder Eren. Everyone ignores Falco’s request to stop the battles because it is creating ruckus.

Every single fight in this episode is very crucial. It is idiotic to elaborate every fight.

The episode also highlights Levi and his actions.

Team of “Attack on Titan” season 4

The show is produced by MAPPA studio. Its chief director is Jun Shishido. Yuichiro Hayashi has replaced Tetsuro Araki as director. The character designer and script writer for this season is also changed.

Stay tuned for the last episode which would be releasing on 8th of February.

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