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Deca-Dence: Has the monster hunting anime been renewed for a second season?

The story has ended on a pretty conclusive note, but fans have been requesting for more

Deca-Dence was one of the big hits from the summer 2020 list of animes. When it first came out, there were a lot of comparisons between this and Attack on Titan due to the post-apocalyptic monster-hunting setting that it had. But these vanished fast and Deca-Dence established a genre of its own with it’s quirky, steampunk-ish and less violent scenarios, making it successful both in and out of Japan.

Will there be more?

Season 1 of Deca-Dence aired from July 8, 2020 to September 23, 2020 and consisted of 12 episodes. Following the finale, fans have been waiting for any updates from the studio regarding the anime’s future. This was Studio NUT’s first venture and it became a great hit, so either way, the studio will be getting more offers.

Studio NUT

That being said, a second season doesn’t really make a lot of sense. While we would all love to see more of it, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for a continuation. It had a pretty conclusive ending, and all the major loose ends were properly tied up in the end. It would be great if another season is made, but if not, that’s still fine as there are many animes that don’t provide a conclusive ending such as this.

What the director said

Studio NUT

During an interview before the final episode aired, director Yuzuru Tachikawa said that he’s open to a second season “if there’s a way to express something new in a different format.” While that doesn’t sound very promising, he didn’t straight-up say no.

While the show ended well, it still leaves room for an OVA, a movie or a spin-off series so as to expand the universe.

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