Hero Mask: Why season 2 is the final chapter in Officer James Blood’s story

The studio had originally planned it as a limited series

The second season of Netflix’s Hero Mask  premiered on August 23, 2019, and many may not have realised it but that was the final season for the anime series. Chances of the series making a comeback is close to zero, but Studio Pierrot, the makers may still be in touch with Netflix to create future shows. If a sequel to Hero Mask gets made, we might get to see Officer James Blood uncovering the conspiracy that’s involved in seasons 1 and 2.

No source material

The anime’s producer Mikio Ono told Anime News Network that they had planned the series to consist of 24 episodes. This is something new for Studio Pierrot, who is known for making animes that are really long, like Bleach, Naruto, Black Clover, Boruto and all the movies that come in between.

Hero Mask

Another main reason for Hero Mask‘s limited run is because there is no manga or light novel from where the makers can gather material from. It’s an entirely original story and Ono discussed about the dangers of making non-adaptation anime properties. It involves a lot of luck to get funding, just like they got lucky when Netflix decided to back them up.

More expensive

Hero Mask

You might’ve already noticed that the animation for Hero Mask is really well done. It also required having to animate more backgrounds and shots for action sequences than typical animes and that requires a lot of extra work. The show was directed by first-timer Hiroyasu Aoki who relied on these time consuming methods to produce the best results. If a veteran director were to helm the project, they would’ve opted for labor-saving methods.

For now, nobody has made an announcement regarding the show’s future, but if they want to make something like they did with Tokyo Ghoul, it’s most welcome.

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