The Blacklist Season 8 Is Coming Up With Some Intense Action, Powerplay And A Twisted Plot!


While fans cannot get enough of the crime drama series The Blacklist that is running for back to back eight seasons and a lot has been unveiled in the eighth season as we are finding out more about Elizabeth Keen!

Fans Are In For Some High-End Action And Drama In The Blacklist Season 8!

The Blacklist season 8 has been diving deeper into the character of criminal mastermind, Elizabeth Keen who seems to be going through a lot that is ranging from getting into the wrong crowd to stealing millions from her father. So, what’s next for the notorious Elizabeth?

The Blacklist

However, surprisingly in the fifth episode, Elizabeth does not make an appearance although she still manages to be in action throughout! While talking about what to expect in the eighth season, series creator JonBokenamp says that how after seven long years, one of the most important people in Liz’s life is going to be Ressler! As the newest season suggests, there’s no turning back now!

Liz Is Out To Seek Revenge From Reddington!

Fans need not worry as there’s going to be more of it, The Blacklist has already been renewed for season 9, so the chase is going to continue for a while now. Series executive producer John Eisendrath has already teased that a war is coming between Liz and Red!

The Blacklist

With Liz feeling betrayed, she will seek vengeance from Reddington. While Liz has worked with Red for a while, Liz can turn out to be extremely dangerous and turn out to be one of the most formidable enemies so far. We are going to see what’s next in The Blacklist season 8 this year.With a lot going to happen in the coming episodes, what’s next for Liz and her plan that might be troubling for Red!

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