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Attack on Titan: Eren is determined to sacrifice everything to rebuild the Eldian Empire

From the way season 4 is progressing, we can understand that Eren is moving forward with or without his allies

Season four of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin began with the Marley Empire at war with its neighbours in the four years that followed season 3. Till now, we have been watching Eren and his comrades inside the three-walled city of Eldia, located on Paradis Island.


The change in Eren

Eren started off as a young boy with a burning desire to kill every last Titan after seeing his mother being eaten alive. But that was before he found out that the titans are just his fellow Eldian citizens who had been injected with a secret formula by the Marleyans. Realising this brought a great change in his mentality, and his friends and comrades in the Survey Corps can no longer recognize him.

Eren Yeager

The desire to defend Paradis Isalnd from the Marley Empire was in everyone’s mind, but Eren took it a step further. He considers himself as Eldia’s saviour and with his Attack Titan and Founding Titan’s powers, he can easily topple Marley and bring peace to Eldia. Some like-minded Eldians supported this and aided Eren during his daring raid on Marley.

Bringing in Zeke

Eren Yeager

Eren pulled a Uno reverse on Marley when he transformed during Willy Tybur’s speech, killing him, and many other Marleyans, including children. This forced the scout regiment under Captain Levi to act and capture or kill the rest of the Marleyan soldiers. Eren’s plan caused the death of many, including the beloved Sasha Blouse’s but they were able to apprehend Eren’s half-brother Zeke, who was of royal blood and could bring the Founder’s powers to full effect.

But the question that remains is whether Eren will take Zeke’s side and carry on with this plan to destroy the rest of the world to keep Eldia safe or will Mikasa, Armin, and the others be able to bring him to his senses?

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