Attack on Titan: Why Eren needs Zeke’s help in unleashing the founding Titan’s power


Warning: Major spoilers ahead from season 4

Season 4 of Attack on Titan has been on a chaotic high after its fifth episode, titled, “Declaration of War.” In episode 7, “Assassin’s Bullet,” Zeke once again fought a losing match with the scouts’ leader Levi Ackerman and in the end, Levi blew his Beast Titan down with a grenade.

The biggest shock in the episode was Sasha’s death after Gabi fired at her, but Zeke’s presence is still notable, as he’s taken prisoner by the scouts back to Eldia. The sole reason that Levi is not hacking him into pieces is because Eren’s father Grisha Jäger’s notes revealed that Zeke was his firstborn, and is of royal blood.

Zeke’s power

Attack on Titan

Eren has actually been the holder of the Founding Titan’s power since the start of the show, along with now possessing the power of the Tybur family’s Warhammer Titan. The Founding Titan is capable of doing a great deal of things, but unfortunately Eren is not able to. That’s because he’s not of royal blood. The Founder can only be utilised by someone with royal blood or if the non-royal shifter comes in contact with someone royal.

The only royal person Eren holds dear is Historia and rather than sacrifice her, he decides to utilise Zeke.

Eren’s grand plans

Attack on Titan

So what does Eren intend to do with the Founder’s power. If what Willy Tybur said in the earlier episodes regarding The Rumbling, then that’s exactly what Eren intends to do. The walls that surround Eldia are made up of Colossal Titans and he wants to set these titans loose and eradicate the rest of the world so that Eldia doesn’t fall prey to any enemy nation.

Eren is willing to paint himself as the devil himself and we have seen clearly what he can do if he sets his mind on something, so if he makes full use of the founder’s power, then the rest of the world is doomed.

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