Latest Netflix release Bridgerton has hiked the sale of novel by same name


“Bridgerton” is a novel which is now one of the best seller according to New York times. But how can a novel suddenly hike ranks in no time? The credit goes to Netflix romance basted drama which gave a massive popularity to the novel. According to the publisher of the book, this is first time when a title and series both hit the top ranks together.

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According to the publisher of the book, the books were loved since the original publication. They also thought that there would be a renewed interest. But people did not showed much interest after the first edition.

Another spoke person at the publisher said that the demand of all the eight books have increased since the premiere of the series

The spoke person further added that the books is on rank one in New York Times. The name if the first book is “The Duke And I”.  Another two books from the series are on the list and they are The Viscount Who Loved Me and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. 

Actually, “Bridgerton” is receiving a sort of special love from the audience. Maybe this is because Netflix has not focused on romance based series that much lately.

What is the current status of “Bridgerton”?

Well if you have watched “Bridgerton” last month then you must be following the latest news about the show. “Bridgerton” is renewed for its second season. It will roll out in no time to entertain you again with beautiful ball dance scene. However, not much details are revealed.

The also made a successful gain through its music edition. The classical covers in the series made the series more beautiful. Every single episode of the show was filled with some of the amazing covers by singers like Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift and many more.

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