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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3 Review: A fine line between supernatural and character work

The time is closing in on the Aglaeca-foretold death date of Nancy and her team

The CW’s Nancy Drew is not just about a young girl solving mysteries in her small town. She will be solving mysteries related to ghosts as well. Introducing ghosts to a show whose basic premise is detective work required a few precautions: Make sure that the supernatural elements scare the audiences but without making it overshadow the story and the characters. Episode 2, titled “The Secret of Solitary Scribe” has done a great job at balancing the two.


Nancy Drew
The CW

The Drew Crew deal with their impending doom in different ways. George and Nick try to overcome it by apartment hunting obsessively and trying to have sex. Bess tries to look for a way out of it. Ace decides that spending his last Shabbat with this dad was a good idea. Finally Nancy goes on a lookout for A.J. Kitsune, the only surviving member from the previous group of teens who summoned the evil sea spirit in 1975.

Meeting A.J

Nancy Drew
The CW

In the 44 years since his friends died, A.J. had become a successful author of horror stories. He has a lot of real-life content to adapt, so why shouldn’t he? The way he does it is by using a charm that summons the worst spirits imaginable to him on a daily basis, some more dangerous than the Aglaeca. He’s living a dead life and all the evil spirits want a part of him.

However, he still never figured out the means to stop the Aglaeca, and she’s still trying to hunt him down.

One thing that audiences might love is that Nancy is still the same as ever – she hasn’t suddenly got it into her head to become a ghost hunter. She’s as unsure and scared as the rest of them, because she has clearly no idea about what to make of her changing surroundings.

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