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TikTok is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea – Gwen Stefani Modestly Admits

Not for me, quipped the singer

The 51-year-old American singer along with some amazing singing skills surely knows how to humour herself. Gwen Stefani recently posted a new TikTok video and while it wasn’t the most perfect one, she deserves thumbs up for the efforts and for sportingly and humorously taking the criticism.

The ‘Make Me Like You’ singer shades a TikTok video of her lip syncing to one of her songs from her 2004 album ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby,’ ‘Bubble Pop Electric.’ She was seen lip syncing to the songs’ lyrics in the short video as various filters kicks in the screen. The post was captioned with a several of hashtags, “#bubblepopelectric gx #bringit #showmeyours !! gx.”

The comment that got famous

While her other fans seemed to have dig it, there was one user who wasn’t very impressed with The Voice Judge’s video as the comment read, “I love watching celebrities totally fail TikTok,” however it wasn’t one the trolling tweets meant to insult the celebrities as in the next part of the comment, user didn’t fail to profess “love” for Gwen.

Gwen Stefani

Sass & Class

And to much surprise, the 51-year-old celebrity does read the comments of fans on her posts as she picked out this comment and posted on her showing displaying as her quick wit as the singer admits that she can’t and the user is right, however showing her sass, she also added, “help yourself to my music and enjoy!” and lastly asked if she is a celebrity? Now, that’s we call class.

Gwen Stefani

And Stefani didn’t fail to acknowledge the other fans too who found her video good and praised the singer sky-high. So, we can safely assume that Stefani’s ‘TikTok fail’ won’t deter her from posting more videos and proving more content to her fans.

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