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Why did Scorpion get cancelled? Loyal fans are still hoping for a fifth season

Fans are even asking Netflix to renew the show

Modern television is a lot more cut-throat than it looks, and it with streaming giants emerging, it just got a whole lot more intense. Even big Hollywood stars have been transitioning into web series and this could very well be a golden age for TV.

Due to that very reason, it takes a lot to stand out and even critically-acclaimed shows sometimes fall short of making an impact resulting in them getting axed after a few seasons. CBS’s Scorpion  was one of them.

About the show


Scorpion was created by Nick Santora for CBS and first arrived in September 2014, immediately getting praise by being called a must-see action-drama series. The series was loosely based on it’s executive producer and computer genius Walter O’Brien, played Elyes Gabel. Walter is eccentric and has the world’s fourth-highest IQ.

Walter and his team of misfits rely on their brain power to tackle global issues and uphold peace. The show got positive reactions right until season 4 which aired in 2018.

Why was it cancelled?


The primary reason for Scorpion‘s cancellation was declining viewership. When it launched, it was a big success and got a Monday 9 pm slot on CBS. But later on, the time was switched to the Monday 10 pm slot. Soon it became one of the least-viewed scripted shows that CBS was airing at that time. This happened with other Monday shows such as Elementary and Code Black as well.

So it can be concluded that the show had simply run it’s course on the audience and it wasn’t worth renewing it for another season. Season 4 got two million less views than season 3.

It’s a shame that a show with potential for more stories had to be pulled back like that, and the cast members have gone their separate ways. If any streaming services like Netflix or Amazon picks it up, then it can bring a new set of viewers.

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