Becoming One of the Massive Hits on Netflix, the French Mystery Thriller “Lupin” is a Must-Watch as Season 2 Paves its Way


Thrillers are something that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Netflix new original ‘Lupin’ is something with the same confidence. The show takes you and keeps you at the edge. Heists are something one can never count on what to happen next. The series Lupin is captivating with the same concept of heists.

Lupin, made by George Kay and including a luxurious Omar Sy in the number one spot, is a snazzy French series that means to put those taking on the appearance of refined men. The french series counts as a big runner in Netflix right now.


Lupin depends on the experiences of exemplary French character, criminal Arsene Lupin who needs to vindicate the passing of his dad. It’s about how to revenge and at the same time be the gentleman. The show is enthralling watchers with its style, trying heists, and a charming lead who you would burglarize a bank for. A likeable thief one can easily fall for.


Fans on Twitter are already rooting for a Part 2 as soon as possible. Many of them are quite confident and have already figured that Lupin will rank among 2021’s best shows when the year is out.

Lupin pays attention to itself due to the subjects and themes that it is managing are not kidding. Lupin keeps an eye on everything and acts accordingly with the situation. Be that as it may, it realizes how to have a great time in the middle of chaos and utilize innovative approaches to keep you locked in with the scenes. The entire show is organized in such a way that it keeps you hooked till every end.

Lupin | Netflix

The show is surely a worth of your time and energy to binge-watch till the very end. Lupin is surely a top contender and front runner of being at the top of your binge list.

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