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Carnival Row: With Filming in Full Swing, New Season could Arrive Sooner than Expected as Teased by Tamzin Merchant

What are the new updates?

Mythological drama is something which keeps the audience hook to their screens. similarly, there is Carnival Row. The series is an Amazon prime original content. This famous series is created by the duo of René Echevarria and Travis Beacham.


Carnival Row Season 1 debuted in the month of August 2019. Soon after it’s release it was widely appreciated by many. All over the world acknowledge the story and also the production. It is a dark fantasy criminal activities solving series that follows, the life of Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate. He is a war-solidified investigator.

The influx of chaos has caused legendary and many mystical creatures to escape their war-torn country. Now all of them sought shelter in Carnival Row, in which they improve with sapiens. Till now Carnival Row season 2 does not have an official release date. But there is a solid confirmation that shooting of the series was finished back in the month of August 2020.

Carnival Row is a show that is quite famous for its unique concept. The mythology the show portrays is regarded very impressive by many. The storyline sometimes though looks a lot predictable but still, it keeps on in its vibe of its own.

In the first season finale, the witch is slaughtered and the fairy is constrained into a ghetto. Philo is sympathetic to all the fairy society because he himself is one of them and a half-fairy. We also see a love relationship between him and Vignette. But he also has left her in the world.  Still Years after that the two lovebirds finally reunite.

Carnival Row | Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

At the end of season 1, he also relinquishes his badge as an investigator. He in simple resigns which now opens a lot of more doors in season 2. We still as fans are waiting for any official confirmation of the subsequent season of the series.

Soumyajit Patnaik
Soumyajit Patnaik
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