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Dan Levy’s Mom has a Special Message for his Childhood ‘Bullies Punk’ from the Camp

Dan Levy’s mom was the best thing last week

Yes, that’s correct. Along with Daniel Levy, it was his mom, too, who was winning the internet as the doting mom called out the bullies of her son while Dan was prepping up for his big hosting gig as he was debuting on Saturday Night Live.

Dan Levy

On February 6, Dan Levy made his iconic appearance on the SNL and just hours before that, Deborah Divine posted a tweet lashing out the former bullies who made his “life miserable.” Showing her sass, the proud Mom addressing to the “bully punks at the camp,” wrote that after all these years of bullying Dan only because he was different than the rest, she has only “7 words” to say to them, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!”

In response, Dan had quoted the tweet writing, “Moms” with a heart emoticon in the sweetest way.

This isn’t the first time that Deborah Divine has come out in support of her son publicly. During the Schitt’s Creek finale where both her husband and son played the lead roles, she had tweeted, “Today I regret every single second of worry back in the uninformed 80’s-wondering how the world was going to treat my brilliant little boy who loved to twirl. Little did I know that he was going to kick that old world’s a** to the curb and create a brand new one.”

Dan Levy | Schitt's Creek | Saturday Night Live

When Levy was asked about his Mom’s reaction, the actor and creator shared in “The Late Show With James Corden” that he “fell apart” and had a “solid cry” after reading his mom’s tweet as it’s “pretty huge for someone to hear” especially publicly because “that’s the power of support and that’s the power of encouragement and acceptance,” he concluded.

Dan Levy is surely living a life “beyond dreams” and making his parents proud as he is achieving new accolades with his sheer talent and hard work.

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