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Evan Rachel Wood Shares the Alleged Horrific Abuses that Other Women Faced at the hands of Marilyn Manson

It isn’t Wood alone

This is not for the first Evan Rachel Wood is accusing someone and opening about her horrible experience with her ex. Previously, Rachel allegedly accused an anonyms  human for assaulting and harassing her. But this time she has shared more details about her experience. She has also revealed the name of her abusers and many celebs and other women also came out in her support.

Apparently, the name she has took is one of the famous celebrity. His name is Brian Warner. The world know him as Marilyn Manson. She came up with his name in an Instagram post. Wood was engaged to Brian in 2010 after they went public in 2007 when she was 22 ad he was 41. However, the broke up later that year.

As soon as Wood named Brian as her accuser, many women also came in her support

In fact, according to Wood and her supporter, there are many women who have once in a while became Brian’s pray. Rach and very allegations these women made on Brian was various crucial serious. Wood’s allegations seemed more real when four other women came out to prove the solidarity.

Instagram snips
Credit: Instagram

Each and every women termed moments with Brian as a horrible experience. Four of them allegedly accused him for harassing, coercion, intimidation and violence.

Wood has also shared more specific details that she was blackmailed by Brian’s wife. She said Wood that if Wood revealed anything she would out Wood’s underage private photos. These photos were taken when Wood was given drugs at Brian’s function in Las Vegas. Moreover, Wood said that she also filed a FIR against Brian. In fact, Wood also posted some of the photos of FIR on her Instagram.

What are the views of Brian on these allegations?

Brian said that the allegations are false. He also said that his career has been through such allegations and her exes are just manipulating the past.

Credit: Instagram

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