On My Block: Is Netflix still Sceptical about the Fate of the Show? Details on Season 4 Below


Teen drama is something that Netflix is famous for. Whether it’s Sex Education, Riverdale or Stranger Things, all have been a quite popular one around these years. The comedy venture mixed with Teen is a popular combination Netflix has been acing off lately. On the same concept, there is On My Block.

There are already three seasons of the show available to stream on Netflix. The young adult comedy is one of the favourites shows currently to stream. It’s an obvious fact that On My Block is one of Netflix’s most well-known shows. Since the time the drama series appeared on Netflix back in the year of 2018. Fans have appreciated the series with a big heart and fell in love with the characters of Monse, Cesar, Ruben, Jamal and Jasmine.


From their endearing fellowship to their comical shenanigans, it’s incomprehensible not to be engaged and moved by the teen squad as they stall out in many a drama. Fans can sit back and enjoy being a part of it.

On My Block’s third season dropped a long time back and fans are as yet anticipating confirmation of On My Block season 4. The series is another of Netflix’s originals that are quite famous among the more youthful segment. As with teen drama being a preferable aspect for many youngsters. Season three ended off on a cliffhanger, leaving all the fans and watchers anticipating season 4  with great patience.


The finale wrapped up with a two-year time bounce. During which time the series’ fundamental characters had all grown and are now busy with their own lives. Seven months have passed since the third season of the Netflix show, and the makers have not delivered any insights about the destiny of the series up until this point. There have been neither a cancellation confirmation nor a renewal one.

On my Block | Netflix

The initial three seasons of On My Block all hit Netflix in March, yet it’s difficult to anticipate when production will commence with the current scenario of Corona Pandemic still up and rising.

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