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Prince Harry and James Corden are glad to spend time together while filming Carpool Karaoke together

Recently, Prince Harry and James Corden had a great time together. The duo was shooting for “Carpool karaoke” together. They were spotted recently while shooting in a double decker bus. This is not their first time together. They both are long time friends. Harry and James filmed on the double decker bus while the bus was travelling around Hollywood.

Prince Harry | Duke of Sussex

A spoke person from the filming scenes told people that they taped a part of COVID-19 segments. He also added that the duo is friend since long time. They were all joking around while filming “Carpool karaoke”.

The very long term friends were photographed on Friday afternoon.

Sources also said that they also talked about Harry’s life in USA

James Corden also discussed with Harry about his latest and fresh focus in the life. In addition to camera crew, there was a police escort and Harry’s personal security team. This information is given by sources. However, Meghan Markle was not part of this. She was staying at their home in Montecito.

Corden said that the those moments were so lovely. He further added that he know Prince Harry since seven years. He said that his and Harry’s friendship is wonderful now. Corden shared the details of filming on an episode of his late nigh talk show at the time. He was not tired of praising the moments he spend with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry | Duke of Sussex

Corden also shared that he was having allergies while filming which was the worst part of the day

James Corden said that the worst part of the ceremony was his allergies. There were so many flowers around the site that he was sneezing around them. However, he mentioned that those were the very beautiful flowers, but it seems like that being near flowers are not Corden’s cup of coffee.

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