Schitt’s Creek Star Daniel Levy Debuts in Saturday Night Live as Eugene Levy makes a Special Appearance


The popular father-son duo rocked the SNL stage

Daniel aka Dan Levy needs no introduction. The man behind one of the finest family sitcoms of our time, Schitt’s Creek, has secured his place well among the audience and critics with his acting and writing.

The year 2020 has also been good for the 35-year-old actor and creator as Schitt’s Creek won big time at Emmy’s by bagging awards in 9 categories, and attracted even a bigger audience for the show, giving it the recognition that it deserved from its inception. And now as another feather in his cap, Levy made his debut on Saturday Night Live as the host.

Another feather in the cap

Dan Levy | Schitt's Creek | Saturday Night Live

“I’m so honoured to be hosting Saturday Night Live. Somewhere my 13-year-old self has fainted in a really melodramatic way,” Levy began his monologue on SNL. He continued that the past 12 months have quite literally changed his life in so many ways, both good and not-so-good. Listing good, he said that people have finally started watching their show ‘Schitt’s Creek and it was beyond dream for them to win 9 Emmys.

Talking about the show, Levy added in the end that in all seriousness, for all the good and not-so-good, he found himself on the iconic stage of SNL, standing in front of everyone and, “it has only been good here at SNL,” he concluded. And that wasn’t all for the night as the audience and fans of Schitt’s Creek were up for a bigger surprise as Levy bumped into his Dad, Eugene Levy, who was stuck in a clear box.

Dan Levy | Eugene Levy | Schitt's Creek | Saturday Night

An amused Dan reacted, “Dad? All the way from Los Angeles?” And just like Johnny Rose, Eugene Levy was proud of his son as he replied with a pride that he flew in to wish him luck for the night and since he travelled so he was in the isolation box. What a beautiful moment!

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