Amidst Divorce Rumours, Kim Kardashian- Kanye West Are Getting Associated With Another Mind-Boggling Rumour!


While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been making headline due to the ongoing divorce rumours, it seems like there more between this couple that might be also out in the public in the coming time!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Making Headlines For Yet Another Big Rumour!

While media tabloids are already looking into the whole divorce rumours and how the relationship between the two is beyond repair at this point, there are some atrocious rumours out there that Kanye West had a secret love child out there!


Given how Kanye West was in a relationship with someone else before marrying Kim Kardashian, it is assumed that the rapper has fathered a child who is hidden from the paparazzi and media attention till now. Kanye’s ex Amber Rose also spilled some tea about the time when they were in a relationship and made some rather severe allegations against the rapper and Kim Kardashian.

Fans Are Not Quite Convinced With The Whole Secret Child Rumour!

While the whole rumour of the rapper having a secret son out there has no concrete evidence till now given that there have been so such claims made by anyone out there, Kim is worried that some ugly facts from the past might come in once the divorce battle begins!


Fans also have their fair share of views about the whole idea of a secret child as they believe that the baby mama would have surely sued the rapper by now for child support, however, some also believe that the mother is keeping the child away from the media spotlight which might be harmful for the kid. While there has been no such rumours doing the rounds, the divorce might take an ugly turn between the two.

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