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Dan Levy talks about the chances of a Schitt’s Creek movie happening – and the chances are not zero!

Will the Rose family ever reunite?

Schitt’s Creek became one of the best things to watch during this lockdown periods. The series, which didn’t have a great start, started streaming on Netflix over a year ago and became one of the most-watched shows and won numerous awards as well. Sadly, it’s final season came out on April 2020 on it’s home networks CBC and Pop TV, before heading over to Netflix on October.


What fans want

Schitt's Creek

Now that the series has wrapped up in a very satisfactory way, the fans are wondering if the story could be taken forward again. A favourite idea is a spinoff centered on Alexis’ life in New York, maybe named after her own reality show A Little Bit Alexis. 

Theories were being thrown left and right and the series’s co-creator Dan Levy addressed the fact about whether a movie will be happening. While speaking to E! News on November 18, Levy said that there are no plans for a movie…yet.

The 37-year-old actor and writer, who co- created the series with his dad Eugene Levy and a few other established writers, said that he would love if there was a movie and that he’s not ruling it out. But he also urged the audience to “let the good things settle for a minute” before coming up with something new.

Ending on a cautious note

Schitt's Creek

Dan continued that if people are still interested in more Schitt’s Creek and if he gets an idea and the rest of the cast is interested, then it would be great.

He added that the creative team had “cautiously ended” the series, at a time when things were going really well. He emphasized that nobody wanted to overstay their welcome and ending at the right time was everything.

That being said, Dan said that we will be seeing in a few years if all goes well. Fingers crossed.

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