Did the Farmers’ protest ad play during Super Bowl 2021? The answer is, yes and no


The ad only aired in parts of California, but it was trending rampantly over social media platforms

Social media platforms were buzzing Sunday evening with an advertisement that is currently of utmost priority to Indians. Numerous verified profiles tweeted on Monday morning that what we had been hoping for had indeed aired during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most-watched sporting events in the US and the cost of airing a commercial in between can cost from $5-$6 million, which is somewhere between Rs 36 to Rs 44 crore.


Airing the ad

Farmers protesting against the farm laws at Shahjahanpur near the Rajasthan-Haryana border.
File/ Indian Express

Even though the ad got a fair exposure on social media platforms, it was only aired in a few parts of California during commercial breaks.

The 30-second clip started with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and described the ongoing farmers’ protest as the “largest protest in history,” but sadly, it was not a part of the actual Super Bowl events. The ad was funded by Valley Sikh Community as a pre-Super Bowl ad inorder to raise awareness about the farmers’ protests going on in India in the local channels.

Did it really air?

Farmers' Protest

The ad didn’t air during the Super Bowl event, but singer Jazzy B put out a video of it on twitter claiming that it was.

A second verified tweet by a pro-farmers’ protest activist Simran Jeet Singh also said that the ad was played during the Super Bowl.

There had been a few reports that claimed that the ad aired in other parts of the US too, but we don’t have an official confirmation on that. But something that brought a little comfort was that Mayor Jerry Dyer of Fresno city, California, joined celebrities, activists, and politicians in standing in solidarity with the Indian farmers.

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