Halle Berry Gave A Fitting Reply To Some Sexist Comments About Her Personal Life And The Outcome Might Shock You!


It seems like Halle Berry is not only an amazing actress but also knows how to clap back at her haters when they try to pry a bit too much in her life! A recent incident has resurfaced on social media and fans sure are loving how the actress tackled the situation!

Halle Berry Claps Back At Her Haters With Style!

The whole controversy happened in the first place when the Academy Award-winning actress shared a post on her Twitter account saying how women don’t know shit! One commentator soon caught attention after making a rather problematic statement saying that this post is coming from someone who cannot keep a man!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was surely not having it and soon came up with a savage reply that said that she is definitely not interested in keeping the wrong man! Another person made a somewhat similar comment saying how despite all the fame and beauty, she cannot seem to keep a man, the actress gave a fitting reply to this comment as well! Here’s the Twitter post that the star posted!

Some Made Sexist Comments About Her Personal Life!

Monster’s Ball star explained how she is not about keeping the wrong man and is more about living the best life and if things don’t go as planned, we should take a re-spin! Well, we sure do agree with the star! The Oscar-winning actress had her fair share of relationships and marriages that ran for a brief course. She was last married to actor Oliver Martinez.

Halle Berry

Fans soon supported the actress and appreciated her for clapping back at the sexist comments with some savage comebacks! She surely had enough of people making nasty comments about her personal life and was not going to have any more of it!

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