Armie Hammer’s Agency Might Have Taken A Big Decision Amidst Ongoing Severe Allegations Made Against The Actor!


It seems like popular actor Armie Hammer is in for some serious trouble! While social media and fans are thrown into a frenzy after something extremely disturbing came up about the actor, people are wondering whether the actor will be able to recover from this big scandal!

Armie Hammer Is Finding Himself Amidst Some Severe Allegations!

The actor recently made headlines after some extremely disturbing social media messages were out in front of the public eye which includes cannibalism, BDSM fetish and other problematic issues. After these messages went viral, people went in utter disbelief and the actor’s reputation is in question!

Armie Hammer

If these allegations were not severe enough, film critic Mara Reinstein also revealed that she had a rather unpleasant interaction with Armie Hammer and this is throwing the actor in some negative lighting amidst all the other problematic allegations. The film critic called out the actor via her Twitter account and posted it.

The Actor Is Not Going To Star Alongside Jennifer Lopez In Shotgun Wedding!

After two of Armie’s ex-lovers also made some severe allegations against the actor, reality television star Brandi Glanville has further stirred up the controversial issue by making a father problematic tweet that is asking the actor to have her ribs! Many thought that the celeb was mocking the present allegations which are not funny and might be offensive, some even urged her to delete the tweet.

Armie Hammer

These allegations have already been affecting the actor and his professional career as he is no longer a part of the uomcing movie Shotgun Wedding, Armie Hammer was initially paired with Jennifer Lopez. He had to step down with all these rumours doing the rounds. To make matters worse, the actor has reportedly been dropped by his talent agency as well!

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