Bindi Irwin talks about her pregnancy and how her dad would have been like as a grandpa


The late great Steve Irwin would’ve been preparing to be a grandpa had he been alive now

Steve Irwin would without a doubt be proud of his daughter Bindi Irwin had he been alive today. He would be equally pumped about becoming a grandfather as Bindi is closing in on delivering her first child with husband Chandler Powell.

A really good grandpa

Bindi with her family

The Irwin family is honestly one of the best families we can find on television or the internet these days. Steve’s wife Terri, along with Bindi and her younger brother Robert have dedicated their entire lives into conserving the environments and protecting wild animals.

When asked about how her dad would have reacted to becoming a grandfather, the 22-year-old replied that he would’ve been a good, good grandpa. She joked that they wouldn’t ever be able to see their daughter again because he would just whisk her away to the zoo, but it would’ve been perfect. She also spoke about how nice it was that they could introduce their daughter to her grandfather through all the documentaries they have of him.

Honouring Steve’s Legacy

Steve and family

Irwin died in 2006 after being struck through the chest by a stingray while filming in the Great Barrier Reef. The family has been doing their best to honour his legacy ever since. Bindi made sure to pay a tribute to him during her wedding last year to Chandler. She spoke about her mother helping her get ready, her brother walking down the aisle and the whole family lighting a candle in Steve’s memory.

The whole family’s currently preparing to welcome the baby, with Robert, 17, telling ET that he’s going to be a doting uncle.

Even though Irwin is gone, Bindi talks about feeling his presence, and said that his spirit lived in everything they do.

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