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Blake Shelton responds to his new T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad: “My phone was smoking last night”

The ad also featured his singers Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine

Blake Shelton somehow found himself to be the surprise MVP of Super Bowl LV on Sunday night after he starred in the new T-Mobile commercial with fiancée Gwen Stefani and frenemy Adam Levine.

The advertisement

The ad

The commercial starts with Stefani telling Levine what she’s looking for in a man. She starts talking in length about wanting someone who is “maybe from another country,” “cultured,” and “not threatened by a strong, confident woman.” But due to the bad reception at the diner where Adam was sitting, he could only hear certain parts and presumed she wants a guy who is “completely country,” “uncultured,” and is “threatened by a strong, confident woman.” At that time, Blake walks over two orders of wings and nachos, and Levine sets him up with Stefani, and the two lived happily ever after.

What Shelton had to say

Blake and Gwen

Following the big game night, Shelton talks about the hilariously self-depreciating commercial to EW and said that, “Of all the things I’ve been fortunate enough to have happen in my life, I don’t know that my phone had ever erupted – I mean my phone was smoking last night.” Shelton, who got engaged to Stefani last October after years of dating said that he realised that nobody has ever seen him win an award, but every contact in his phone watches the Super Bowl.

He also spoke about working on the ad, and said that he thought it was a great idea when he read the script. He said that people still don’t really understand why Gwen was with him so this seemed like a good idea.

When asked about having fun reuniting with his former The Voice co-star Adam Levin, Shelton said “no” with a straight face before adding, “Gotta suffer for my art.”

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