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Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Another Shocking Incident Involving Marilyn Manson from her Past

Evan Rachel Wood | Marilyn Manson


The Westworld actress had filed a police complaint last year

Over the past few days, Evan Rachel Wood has made many revelations that left many of us shocked beyond imagination but it seems like that was not all as the American actress made yet another shocking reveal involving the 52-year-old Rockstar Marilyn Manson.

Alleged police report

The Westworld star revealed that she filed a police complaint last year against Marilyn Manson’s wife, Lindsay Usich, for her alleged conspiracy to release the underage pictures of the actress taken during her teen years. The actress again spoke through her Instagram story on Saturday. She wrote that on Dec. 19, she had to file a police report after she was alerted to threats made by Leslee Lane and Lindsay Usich for conspiring to release the pictures of Wood when she was underage, after she was given large amounts of drugs and alcohol, after Brian (Marilyn Manson) performed on Halloween in Las Vegas to ruin the actress’s career’ and shut her up.


Wood attached a copy of the police report that she allegedly filed after blacking out the entire personal details. Lindsay Usich and Marilyn Manson are yet to comment on this.

The abuse allegations

Earlier this month, Wood had accused Manson of sexually and emotionally abusing her throughout their relationship. The two began dating when she was 19 and he was 38 and got engaged in 2010 as well but it was short-lived as the engagement ended within 7 months.

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After Wood’s public allegations, four other women came forward who accused Manson of abuse, too. Wood even shared their stories on her social media account. Ashley Walters and Ashley Lindsay Morgan claimed they suffered sleep deprivation due to their experience with the musician, while Sarah McNeilly alleged that Manson threatened to bash her face with a baseball bat.

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