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How the Ed Sullivan Show helped The Beatles get fame in America

The show was also responsible for giving Elvis international fame

While the competition among industries is a lot harsher in the present day, it was hard just to get the media’s attention during the early 1960s. But the amount of success that The Beatles managed to get despite all that may still be a mystery to many. The four lads from Liverpool had a tough journey before they made it big.

Becoming overnight sensations

The Beatles at the Ed Sullivan show
Express Newspapers

The Beatles attained overnight success in the United States, but they had to go through a relentless few years in Britain, touring, playing, and lot of convincing. A huge part of their success goes to their manager Brian Epstein and their brilliant producer George Martin, who was also a trained composer and fabulous record producer. It was their efforts that landed the group on the Ed Sullivan Show on live national television, watched by millions of people.

How the group met Ed

The Beatles
Dan Grossi / AP

With their efforts, the group was popular in Liverpool, but the rest of the world awaited. Every single that the group released got more and more popular. The relentless touring, the screaming girls and the car chases caught every town’s attention. Once when their plane landed at London, they were greeted by more than a thousand screaming fans. It so happened that Ed Sullivan was also present there, who thought it was the British Royal Family. When told it was the Beatles, his question was, “Who the hell are the Beatles?”

Before long, the talk show host realised that bringing them to his show was inevitable and that it would create the same hysteria that was caused when Elvis Presley came. George Harrison spoke about the time Elvis himself got in touch with them to talk about the show.

By cracking the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles were able to conquer the world with their music.

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