Lorraine Kelly Cuts Short Dr Hilary While Talking About Her Much Awaited Break!

Recently television presented Lorraine Kelly gave fans another interesting update as she cut of Dr Hilary to make a rather interesting announcement that involved taking a break!

TV Presenter Lorraine Kelly Is All Excited About A Staycation!

While Dr Hilary was talking about how fans should not get their hopes up, he was cut short by the host herself as she revealed that she has already booked her break away for later this year while she is going to use it while she will be looking forward to her much needed break! The host recently thanked the medical staffs of NHS as her mother received the COVID- vaccine

Lorraine Kelly

While making the announcement and calling it a staycation, Kelly said that she is quite excited about the break and is eagerly looking forward to it!Well, we all do need a vacation and we are happy that one of the busiest television presenters is planning to take one!

The Celeb Is Looking Forward To Her Short Break!

The Popular presenter Lorraine Kelly recently thanked all the NHS medical experts and staffs as her mother got the vaccine and the television figure posted a picture while thanking the staff members for working tirelessly during this difficult time.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly recently made an appearance in Ru Paul’s Drag Race show while talking about how one of the stars of the show might make an amazing co-host with Lorraine Kelly! Fans should surely love if this happens anytime soon! Some were so excited that there has been a petition already for a co-host! While the staycation is definitely one f the things that the host is looking forward to, a co- host might come in handy at this point! How brilliant would that be if the co-host is someone as fun as Kelly !

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