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Smith’s have always been a centre of attraction and this time the reason is Will Smith’s wife and actress Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada invited Ava Louise on her talk show recently. The episode featuring Ava is still not aired and she has also revealed the reason of it. Currently, Jada is running third season of the show. Her daughter and her mother are also part of the show. Three generation can put their views in different manner and that is the basic theme of the season.

The show became more controversial when her own husband opened about Jada cheating on him with singer August Alsina last July. Nothing was more painful then saying Will Smith crying in the show. That was probably the most painful episode of the show.

But influencer AVA Louise attacked the honest policy of the show and said that she felt attacked

Ava Louise

Ava, who is 22 and an influencer said that she felt attacked while she was at Smiths’ Calabasas home. She allegedly said that Jada was rolling her eyes on her. In addition, Gammy kept slut shamming her. She felt this through the filming of the episode. Moreover, when her episode was not aired she asked the authorities. The woman at high level executive of the show claim that one of the hosts found her pathetic and disgusting.  In fact, she was told that the Smith don’t want to indulge in sex work and asked her to not contact them again.

This is not for the first time hen Ava has got negative attention

Previously, she appeared on Dr. Phil. On that episode she explained why she did decided to get hot and gain followers. The reasons was found weird by both Dr. Phil and viewers both. She also accept that she is too much indulge in gaining followers on Instagram. Previously, she became famous for licking toilet seat for COVID-19 challenge.

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