This Woman Used Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spray On Her Hair, The Results Are Shocking As She Ended Up In The Hospital!


If you think you have seen it all, then you are wrong! This woman is going viral and for all the wrong reasons! This person has done something that will not only shock you but you might take a lesson out of this!

Tessica Brown Ended Up In The Hospital After A Hair Mishap!

Tessica Brown tried some bizarre experiment for her hair and let us tell you that it did not go as expected and Brown ended up in the hospital and had to undergo some severe treatment as well! Tessica Brown was trying to hold on to her hairstyle but ran out of her usual hairspray and in turn ended up using Gorilla Glue adhesive spray on her hair!


As bizarre it may sound, the whole experiment surely did not go as planned and the worse was yet to come! After using that glue her hairstyle remained in that way for almost a month and no matter how hard Tessica tried to detangle her hair, it all went to vain!

The Company Giant Has Issued An Official Statement About Miss Brown’s Incident!

After all her efforts went in vain, the woman had to go to St. Bernard’s Hospital in Chalmette to get sole medical help and ended up spending twenty-two hours in the emergency room! The medical experts had to use acetone and sterile water to get rid of the after-effects and it ended up burning Tessica’s scalp!

Tessica Brown

After this whole thing went viral and caught the company giant’s attention, Gorilla Glue had to issue an official statement where they expressed regret for Miss Brown’s horrible experience. However, the company also made it clear that the product comes with a clear warning that it should not be used on eyes, skin or clothing.

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