Wong Fei – hung is for real? A big yes! Lets explore about this great martial arts artiste


Wong Fei-hung is the most famous martial art legend. The irony is, he is featured in almost in 100 films but still not many people know about him. He was very famous in southern style of kung fu. Wong Fei was born around 1847 in Guangdong province. Moreover, he was an army trainer.

Wong was married four times in his lifetime and his last wife died in 1982. His last wife took last breath in Hong Kong. Wong’s all forms of style of southern martial arts was very famous. These Chinese martial arts in southern style turned him a legend.

Once Upon A Time In China

There have been 100 films that are about Wong but most of them are done by Kwan Tak-hing

In addition, Jet Li and Jackie Chan are also famous for playing his roles in the films. However, Kwan Tak-hing was more idolized as Wong. He did almost 77 films that were about Wong. He became synonymous with Wong during the 1950s and 1960s.

Wong was never famous in movies only but there are radio plays, pulp novels and newspaper story serializations and television series that are based on him. Certainly, there was a time when there were 7 newspaper which released novels based on Wong at the same time.

Wong Fie-hung became allegedly famous when he was played by jet Li in 1990s in a movie called ” Once Upon a Time in China film series

This movie was a supreme success and made Wong famous in internationally. Wong was born around 1847 which was already mentioned above. His father Wong Kei-ying was among the famed Ten Tigers of Canton. The Ten Tigers were also known to follow their lineage to the Buddhist. Wong Fei-hung later became one of the Ten Tigers in his twenties. But, according to some people and their researches, Fei was not an original members.

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