Britney Spears finally broke her silence for the first time over controversial documentary


Britney has finally broke her silence over a documentary based on her. The documentary was named as “Framing Britney Spears”. This documentary was debuted on 5th of February. However, she did not directly discussed about it or the matter raised in it. It includes her relationship with her father and scenes related to #FreeBritney campaign.

The singer took to Twitter and spoke her heart out. Spear posted a video of her performance based on her single “Toxic”. She captioned it saying can’t believe that it is from 3 years ago. She posted the tweet on Tuesday. Britany further added that she is learning to be a normal person and that she always love being on stage.

Based on her current chaos in her life, she added a lot more things in the Tweet

She further added that each person have their own story. Just like that each person has different take on other’s stories. She also said that we know nothing about what the person is going through inside. Spears has been under conservatorship since 2008 by her father. That is, her finances were controlled by her father. Moreover, essential decision of her life was decided by her father.

But in November 2020 lost a bid to remove her father from the control and now he is co-conservator with financial company named as Bessemer Trust. In fact, she has also refused to work until she is conservatorship.

Spear’s ex husband was also in news for approving Jodi Montegomery for conservatorship

Jodi is Kevin’s manager and he thinks that he is a great choice for conservatorship. Spear is going through a very hard time since the divorce. Moreover, 70% of the custody of her kids is under Kevin while other 30% is under Spear.

Credit: Twitter

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