The Noicest Police Squad Is Not Going To Be There For Long As Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will End With Season 8!


Get ready to get your heart broken as hit comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine is here with not so noice news! The squad will be back but it seems like they won’t be sticking around for long enough!

Hit Comedy Series Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Ending With Season 8!

Get ready to bid your final goodbyes for the coolest police squad ever, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be coming to an end after the eighth season, while the series has been renewed for season 8, the excitement is cut short as the series  creator has himself confirmed the cancellation!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Series creator Dan Goor has issued an official statement via all social media platforms while saying that he is grateful that the show lasted for this long and took this opportunity to thank fans for their constant love and support. Goor also made a fun reference from the series at the end of the statement. Here’s the statement that is posted on the official Twitter account of the show.

Series Creator Dan Goor Issued A Statement About It.

Andre Braugher who plays the role of the no-nonsense serious Captain Holt has given fans a little hint about what to expect from the final season of the show as he revealed that it will deal with the whole Black Lives Matter movement in their own way while having their own take on the matter. We would also like to see Gina to come back for the final season of the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

While the eighth season is yet to arrive as the filming had to be delayed for the ongoing pandemic terror, fans sure are going to be heartbroken as it is going to be the last of it. As Dan Goor said let us set in this final ride in the blaze of glory!

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