Don’t Be Too Surprised If John Krasinski Makes His Appearance In WandaVision As Mr Fantastic!


While Marvel standalone series WandaVision that is newly released on the streaming platform, Disney+ is coming with too many set of surprises for fans. However, Marvel fanatics are expecting another appearance in the series!

Is John Krasinski Going To Make A Surprising Appearance In Disney+ Series WandaVision?

After several unexpected appearances from the Marvel universe and different standalone superhero movies, fans are now hoping that whether John Krasinski is also going to make an appearance as Mr Fantastic! While nothing has been official as of yet, we sure are hopeful.


Fans were taken by surprise after X-Men fame Evan Peters made his way into the standalone series as Wanda’s twin Pietro Maximoff! It seems like the studio giant is ready to introduce Reed Richards who is also known as Mr Fantastic to the world through this series. Moreover, these rumours are catching more attention after Monica Rambeau talks about being in contact with an aerospace engineer in the newest episode.

Fans Are Quite Hopeful About The Speculation Of Mr Fantastic Making His Appearance!

As it was reported earlier that Marvel Universe is already planning to make another Fantastic Four movie, they might be planning to introduce John Krasinski into the scenario. After Randall Park made his appearance as FBI agent Jimmy Woo, fans are in do a few more surprises.


It won’t be surprising if The Office star John Krasinski is introduced as the genius superhero who is known for his teaching abilities. This might be a good way to bring the whole The Fantastic Four team on board and later will get a new movie altogether. We sure hope that the engineer Monica Rambeau was talking about turns out to be Mr Fantastic himself! If that happens, we are in for a thrilling ride ahead!


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