Get Ready For Some Ghost Hunting In Netflix’s Newest Kids Show City Of Ghosts!


While Netflix is making sure that subscribers are not going to have a boring 2021, it seems like the streaming service jas something in store for the kids as well! An interesting documentary-style series is coming for the little ones on Netflix!

Get Ready As These Kids Take On The City Of Ghosts!

Get ready for some spook show as the central protagonist Zelda is out to form a ghost club with her three other friends in this upcoming animated series titled the City Of Ghosts! The series is an extremely adorable one with four little ones gathering around with one mission: looking out for ghosts! Here’s a little sneak peek into this special town with some notorious ghosts around!

However, they end up finding not one but several ghosts and these are not your ordinary scary ghosts but one is speculated to be a drummer ghost! While one likes to do some skateboarding!

City of ghosts

These Kids Do Some Interesting Digging On These Ghosts!

As Netflix gives us a brief synopsis of the coming documentary styles series, it gathers around four ghost livers who try to know more about the small town they live in while interacting with these friendly ghosts that are just hovering around the neighbourhood!

City of ghosts

While talking about the coming show, director Elizabeth Ito says that she wanted to make something that she would watch with her kids and also wanted to shed light on the different kind of people and communities that make Los Angeles so very special. Get ready with the kids of the house as these four friends will be coming on 5th March exclusively on Netflix. As the director has already talked about the aspect of representation in the series, it is going to be an interesting watch for kids.

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