Upcoming Drama Vincenzo Is Not Your Ordinary Hero-Centric Story But About An Anti-Hero Character!


One of our favourite actors is soon making his much-awaited return to the small screen and his role is surely one of a kind! We are talking about popular actor Song Joong-ki who is all set to make his way into the small screen.

Upcoming Drama Vincenzo Star Song Joong-Ki Talks About His Role As An Italian Mafia consigliere!

Song Joong-ki will be starring in the upcoming drama Vincenzo. His role is an interesting one as he is going to play a lawyer but there’s a catch as he will also be enacting the role of an Italian mafia consigliere as well!

The story revolves around an anti-hero Vincenzo Cassano who is not your ordinary hero! He tackles the villains who have somehow managed to escape from the shackles of the law, by being even more cunning and evil than the villains themselves Cassano knows to deal with these bad guys! Here’s a little sneak peek into the action packed drama with an unconventional protagonist who tackles problems his own way!

The Actor Admits That Learning Italian For The Role Was Difficult!

While talking about his role, Song Joong -Ki has revealed that it was challenging to play the role of an Italian. While the actor had to learn Spanish for his role in Space Sweepers, he admitted that Italian was definitely a difficult language to learn Moreover, speaking Italian in Korean wasn’t easy to balance as well. However, it was a fun experience.

Moreover, actor Ok Taecyeon stars alongside Song Joong-Ki as a lawyer who interns under him. Director Kim Hee-won further defines the central character, not as a righteous protagonist who is your hero but as a unique figure that will provide fans with a larger spectrum than another ordinary hero-centric stories.

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