Fan theory of Mass Effect 3’s Indoctrination theory fails however, the devs love it


“Mass Effect 3’s” fan based theory is allegedly failed. But, who ever made this theory must b very happy write now and we are not going to lie it. The theory has declared to be incorrect by BioWare. Although, that does not mean that the creators don’t liked it. In fact, they are way impressed by it.

Below is a whole follow up to what is Indoctrination theory, who made it and much more.

The latest version is all set to fall on 14th of May, 2021.

What is Indoctrination theory?

In case you are totally unknow to what is indoctrination theory it is all about the climax of “Mass Effect 3”. According to the theory, Commander Shepard has totally lost his mind. The theory speculates that the entire ending of mass effect 3 is actually a Shephard’s mind. There were more addition to this theory and it was supported by a lot of communities. However, one of the writer from the team has confirmed that the theory is actually incorrect.

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One of the spoke person from the team said that the indoctrination theory is indeed amazing. He also added that he himself and other members from the team of writer liked it. The spoke person also aid that it is totally a fan based theory and no part of theory is going to be a part of the game.

What is Mass Effect based on?

The original trilogy is actually based on a plot which revolves around space navy soldier. First game of the series was released in 2007. This game revolves around Shephard who understands more about Reapers. Second part of the series was released two years after the first release. The final series was centered around war against Reapers.

The trilogy was a huge commercial success and that is why creators yet have not get over it.

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