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Fans are happy with highly anticipated return from “The Promised Neverland” season 2

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The Promise Neverland is a Japanese manga series which is written by Kaiu Shirai. The series have a manga, anime and a light novel based on it. For now, “The Promise Neverland” season 2 episode 3 is very trending due to its recent release. This ultimate episode of the series is extra engaging. With the ending of the episodes, it leaves a lot many un-answered questions.

If you have no idea about series’ manga, hen probably you may feel it difficult to relate  the anime. However, the creators have produced an awesome piece of anime in terms of “The Promise Neverland”.

The episode begins with Emma deliberating some pictures to Mujika from orphanage

Moreover, other kids also held the picture in thoughts of Norman. He is the remainder of causalities they have been suffering since so long. Along with the episode, Sonju and Mujika greet each other with goodbyes.

The group of the kids is divided between Sonju and Emma. Sonju accept that he do not want to return kids to the farm. However, he sort of know that, it is the place where they can spend 6 months happily at least. Whereas, Emma and the rest of the kids reach to their coordinates. But they find an empty stack. It is nothing but a desert with wide ways in every direction.

Credit: Twitter

The kids keeps on searching and finally find a end of the “dead end”

The kids manage to discover a hidden closet. This hidden closet is nothing but a secret passageway which is a way towards deep caves. Moreover, they also discover a kitchen and tinned food there. Just like this they discover a transmission also. So, the episode assure a safe journey for Emma and the kids at least.

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