Has Stone Ocean Anime (JoJo part 6) finally went into Production?


Late in 2019, fans were introduced with the climax of fifth part of JoJo’s Bizarre. Since then, fans are wondering when will creators release second part of the anime. The demand of confirming Stone Ocean Anime is increasing day by day. Its been already one and half year since the release of last part.

However, the makers have drop several hints related to the fall out of Stone Ocean. In fact, the manga readers already have an idea about the 6th part of the series. Overall, fandom just can’t wait to have an official announcement for the 6th part because it is already been so long.

Credit: Netflix

Stone Ocean Anime is confirmed?

As we all know, last season of the show was released on October, 2019. So it has been almost one and a half year since the new season is released. David productions was responsible for producing first four seasons of the series. The four season consists of five arcs. If you are waiting for an official renew, let us tell you that there were already rumors that 6th part of JoJo is already in production. That is, it is already confirmed and the production of the series is also started.

But, since the production has not confirmed the news officially so we cannot rely on a basic rumor. Therefore, for now there is no news about the JoJo’s 6th part.

After Warner Brothers registered a new domain for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, fans though that it is for the occasion of renewal announcement of part 6

Therefore, the rumor of 6th part production caught fire and everyone though that the day is finally here. Warner Brother registered the domain on 30th of August 2020. So now after so many months, it is already clear that Warners did not do it in response to a renewal.

Creators of HBO are planning to renew “The Night Of”.

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