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Pandemic Affected Grace & Frankie as Season 7 Delayed till 2022

There will be 16 episodes in season 7. Although, it is still unclear how those extra 90 minutes will affect the plot line. However, the length of the season is kind of exciting the fans. So, when the season will be released, Grace and Frankie will have 94 episodes in total.

When will production of season 7 of “Grace and Frankie” will resume?

Fonda broke her silence and released some hopeful word which ensure that the production will be resumed soon. She said that the production will be resumed in summer 2021. That is probably in June 2021. However,  she also accept that it is a huge amount of time. The date of resuming the production is also too far and thus it will directly impact the release date of the season 7.

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Further, she added that it has been tough time for the cast too. Fonda is very close to Lily. In fact, when she is their on the set every human on the set remains happy. She said that when she don’t get to see Lily for a long time, she feels unstable.

So what is the approximate release date of  “Grace and Frankie”?

Well, as the production of the show will be resumed in June 2021, it is sure that the season 7 will not fall before 2022. However, there is no official date of the series announced yet. Moreover, if everything goes according to the planning then we may have season 7 in mid 2022.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the cast of “Grace and Frankie”. Season 7 will star Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterson, Brooklyn Decker, Baron Vaughn and Ethan Embry. There will be a lot of new twists and turns in season 7. It will be more interesting and for sure hold something very interesting for the fans.

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