WandaVision Episode 6 Is Giving Rise To Some Major Fan Theories That Might Blow Your Mind!


With the newest episodes of standalone series WandaVision making its way into the streaming platform of Disney+, it seems like fans are talking about some probable appearances that night happen from the Marvel universe!

Fans Are Already Talking About Some Unexpected Appearances In WandaVision Episode 7!

The whole concept of newly released series WandaVision is a unique one that is leaving fans looking out for more! Recently, Randall Park and Kat Dennings made their surprising appearances in the series. Randall Park is aboard as FBI agent Jimmy Woo while Dennings reprises her role as Darcy Lewis. However, amp other known face might soon make his appearance as per these fan theories!

John Krasinski

However, the newest episodes are giving rise to some of the newest theories, one of which is about the much-awaited appearance of Mr Fantastic! While it is no news that the studio giant has been planning to bring back the Fantastic Four family soon enough, we wonder is John Krasinski is already on board or not! To get on this ride with the Marvel superheroes, take a little sneak peek into the sixth episode that is currently streaming on Disney+

Who Is This Engineer Monica Rambeau Is Talking About?

Fans also noticed how Monica Rambeau mentioned getting in contact with an aerospace engineer, theories explain that she is talking about Reed Richards. To get all the updates, don’t miss out on the newest sixth episode of WandaVision streaming exclusively on Disney+


WandaVision might do the big reveal in the coming seventh episode and fans might soon get to know whether A Quiet Place star John Krasinski is the intelligent engineer leader that Monica was talking about! We are eager to know more about this mysterious engineer who is mentioned and fans cannot stop from coming up with some gripping theories about this person.


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