Amazon’s MMORPG New World gets delayed again and will be releasing on August


This is the second delay that the game has faced over the past year

Amazon Game Studios has announced that they will be delaying their upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)  New World for the second time.

New World was originally planned to release in August 2020, but then got postponed to Spring 2021 so that the developers could make some adjustments to the gameplay. According to an announcement made through the game’s official blog, the new release date is now August 31.

The alpha test feedback

New World
Amazon Game Studios

The studio stated their reasons for postponing, saying that it was available for several players during an alpha test and after receiving their feedback, they started working on areas that needed improvements. Now the combat system will be polished, the crafting will be different, and the map will be bigger.

The studio also spoke about improving the end-game features which they believe are important to be included at launch. The studio promised to add all these major improvements before unveiling the shores of Aeternum to the rest of the gaming world.

They will also be conducting alpha tests in the coming months, and will expand it to Europe on March 30. Closed beta testing will start on July 20, and all players who had pre-ordered the game will be able to play it.

New locations for the closed beta testing

New World
Amazon Game Studios

The studio gave the names of three places that will be available to play in for the Closed Beta tests. They are: Ebonscale Reach, Expeditions and Outpost Rush.

Ebonscale Reach is a new end-game zone where “an exiled empress is building a corrupted fleet that could threaten the entire world.” Expeditons will be a five-player mission that involves difficult challenges, so they will have to use their skills and coordinate. The Outpost Rush will be a 20 versus 20 battle where teams have to fight for dominations and take control of strongholds and strategic resources to win.

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