Black Mirror: Why the chances of season 6 releasing on Netflix are low

The series became widely known after its arrival on the streaming service

Black Mirror was a dark horse until its arrival on Netflix, after which it rose to worldwide prominence. However, fans of the series might not want to wait around for season 6 to arrive.

The series first aired on Channel 4 in the UK in 2011, and continued for another season and a Christmas special. It had been quiet popular in the UK but Netflix gave it it’s much needed big break. The two seasons of Black Mirror got so popular that Netflix decided to produce future seasons.

Becoming a Netflix show

Black Mirror

Netflix has since made three seasons. While they retained the show’s quality, there were lesser episodes. There had been longer gaps between seasons but the series was so consistent with its quality that fans didn’t seem to mind the intervals. Season 5 came out on June 5, 2019, and it’s approaching it’s 2-year anniversary, but no announcements regarding season 6 has been made.

Many of the show’s fans have joked that 2020 itself looks like a Black Mirror season. The show’s creator Charlie Brooker has asked publicly if the current mood in our society will be able to support a new season of the series, but fans have repeatedly voiced that they want to see more.

Why won’t it come to Netflix?

Black Mirror

The show was under the charge of Brooker and co-showrunner Annabel Jones since 2014, under the production company House of Tomorrow, a division of Endemol Shine. But both Brooker and Jones left House of Tomorrow in hopes to make a deal of their own with Netflix. But the problem is that the show’s rights are still with Endemol Shine. Last summer, Endemol Shine was bought by Banijay Group, and the executive Cathy Payne says they’re open to continue their deal with Netflix.

But since Brooker and Jones are no longer showrunners, Netflix must first make a deal with Broke and Bones, their new company, then make another deal to license the Black Mirror IP from Banijay, which won’t be cheap. Once there are solved, we can expect it back.

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