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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Why this is the right time to end the beloved series

There are multiple reasons why the show should be wrapped up

NBC comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become one of the most beloved television shows that was expected to go on forever. The series first aired on Fox for five seasons until it was cancelled in 2018, before being picked up by NBC shortly after. Everyone who checked out the show became instantly attached to the goofy, yet lovable detectives of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct and their misadventures.

But the time has come for it to be ended for real. While it’s disheartening for its loyal fan base, the series deserves to end on a high note.

Changes in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s been known for a while that season 8 will be addressing George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter protests that emerged from it. The movement brought in a lot of attention to violence, racism and put the police force under extreme scrutiny. The cast and crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine even donated $100,000  to the National Bail Fund Network and voiced their opinions for BLM.

Showrunner Dan Goor and his writing team even threw out the initial scripts for the season and accommodated the new social situations into it.

How it will be affecting the characters

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Since the show will be bringing the BLM movement into it, it’s going to affect the plot, especially the witty detectives. The cast and crew all agree that the police should be showcased more realistically, and while it once discussed racial profiling in season 4, it didn’t leave a lasting impact.

Besides, all the characters are at a point where they have undergone some dramatic changes. Even still, lead star Andy Samberg has said that the show will not be torturing the audiences with all the serious topics and it will still retain its comic elements. It’s the right time for the show to end without overstaying it’s welcome, now that it’s in a very good position.

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