Corona Virus Updates: Chinese Government has Denied to Provide Raw Data of Early COVID-19 cases in Wuhan to WHO team


China has straight forwardly denied to provide WHO team with the details of COVID-19 early cases. The raw data contain details of initial spread of COVID-19 in early stage at China. However, WHO is kind of satisfied as the amount of data provided by China this is time is more than the amount of data they provided before.

Sources say that corona virus started spreading in early winters in China’s province, Wuhan. However, China ha clearly refused to provide the data of such 174 cases to WHO. These 174 cases are the ones which were found in early outage of the virus in China.

In fact, some of the Chinese officials and scientists have provided their own theories over the spread of the virus

These scientists also provided WHO with some of the aggregated data. They also have some data from the early cases which was reported before December, 2019. However, these records justified that China is not the origin of the virus. That is, there is no source or evidence which confirms that the virus is originated from China.

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But, then the question arise what is wrong with China because if the virus is not originated from China then why are they not giving raw data to WHO.

What are the views of Chinese government on this probe by WHO?

Well, we all know what kind of ethos Chinese government actually follows. The communist party of China is soon going to celebrate centenary of party’s establishment. The prove led by WHO means nothing to China. In fact, if China is hiding some raw data, that means nothing but a black hole in China’s own statement that the COVID-19 is not their gift to the world.

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Although, Beijing claimed full transparency in the probe by WHO, but we all can see how much successful probe was led by WHO for four weeks.

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