EA’s “It Takes Two” is one of the most amazing imaginative game which is latest hot sensation among the players


It has been one year if the pandemic. COVID-19 has ruptured our lifestyle to an extent where new normal has become a form of living now. But, fortunately EA was very blissful on its players. The games that are developed by the EA developers are so engaging that it can keep you and yours loved one constantly connected to you. It is developed by Hazelight Studios and directed by Josef Fares.

“It Takes Two” is one of such games which is becoming a new sensation between gamers. Players cannot keep calm for the game. Lets explore more about the game and its release date.

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What all “It Takes Two” about is?

In simpler terms, “It Takes Two” is a game which works on coordination of two people. The plotline of the story is centered around a couple. This lovely couple is named as Cody and May. However, according to the book of love, things between this couple is at all time low. Cody and May decide to separate there ways. But they are magically transformed in  their daughter Rose’s two dolls. Therefore, they are forced to work together.

Credit: Twitter

When is the game going to release?

“It Takes Two” is going to roll out on  26th of March, 2021. You can also pre order it from Steam. Moreover, you can also pre order it from Playstation, XBOX and Origin series. In addition, the trailer of the game is also released. Before the release of the game you need to keep some arrangements already ready. To start your journey with this game, you need to have the same console or a PC. This is the most important part of the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy it with your partner.

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