Emma Stone Stuns Fans As Disney’s Most Notorious Villain And She Has A Story To Tell!


Get ready as Disney’s sassy supervillain is here! One of the most hated antagonists is finally getting her own project under the Disney banner and it seems like the studio giant is getting creative with it!

Emma Stone Shines Bright As Cruella De Vill In The Upcoming Live-Action Movie!

Popular actress Emma Stone is shining bright as the dark villain, Cruella De Vill in the upcoming Disney live-action the film, Cruella. With the  filmmaker Craig Gillespie helming the live-action movie, Emma Stone stars as the infamous villain Cruella who is known for her fashion frenzy and how she earns a bad name after she terrorizes a bunch of extremely adorable puppies!

The character is one of the most fashionable yet disturbing villains who aims at a dog-loving couple as their pets give birth to a little of Dalmatian puppies. Cruella knits a vicious plan to trap these puppies and shed their skin for a coat! Disney recently released the official trailer of the live-action movie. As the trailer says, she is just getting started!

One Of Disney’s Most Talked About Villains Get To Narrate Her Story!

As the trailer suggests, Cruella De Vill was not always the notorious person she has been portrayed in the Dalmations story. As she comes back to narrate her side of the story, we are taken back in the time during the 1970s. As Emma Stone stuns fans with the signature Cruella looks and warns fans that she might be a bit mad than usual!


With an impressive cast ensemble and Emma Stone as the leading star, this movie trailer is already gaining attention from Disney fans! Get ready to listen to the story of the teenager who will become the fashionable villain of Disney! The movie is coming in May, 2021.

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