Justin Timberlake issues apologies to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, says, “I know I failed”


Timberlake released an apology letter to both Spears and Jackson after a recent TV documentary about her rise and fall was released

Actor/singer/songwriter Justin Timberlake has made an official apology on Instagram this Friday after receiving criticism for the interviews he gave around 20 years ago regarding his sex life with Britney Spears when the two were together. He apologised to Spears and Janet Jackson and said he failed them in the past.


The two incidents

Timberlake's apology

Timberlake got hate from social media users after the broadcast of a TV documentary showing the rise and fall of Spears, including the humiliation she endured at the hands of the media when Justin and her broke things off in 2002.

As for the incident with Jackson, Timberlake had been criticised for years for not taking sufficient responsibility for her infamous wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl half time show when he exposed her breast on stage by accident.

In his letter, Timberlake addressed these issues and also acknowledged that he had benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism. He also spoke about not speaking up for them and how the entertainment industry sets white men up for success and blamed his own ignorance.

Spears’s ongoing struggles

Timberlake with Spears and Jackson
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Britney Spears dated Justin Timberlake for about three years before breaking up in 2002. The media questioned Spears about her virginity while Timberlake stated that they had slept together and later wrote a song called “Cry Me a River” where he implied that she had cheated on him.

Since 2008, Spears had her business, wealth and personal affairs being controlled by court-appointed conservators and discussions have been happening throughout the years on whether she will ever be free of them.

In case you want to check the documentary out, it’s called Framing Britney Spears by The New York Times. 

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