Little Nightmares 2: Here are the two shocking endings to the game explained


The sequel is finally here and players have been discussing the massive twist when when it ended

Little Nightmares 2 is a small indie game and is a thrill ride from start to end. The sequel follows a masked kid named Mono who travels through a nightmarish place called Pale City, accompanied by Six, the protagonist of the first game but an NPC in this one. Together, they will have to reach the Signal Tower that is causing the world to distort due to its humming transmission.


But the game shocked the players with its ending, which was the most haunting part of it, but then it came up with a secret ending making fan question everything they’ve seen so far.

The normal ending

Little Nightmares 2
Tarsier Studios


The normal ending shows Mono accepting his fate and being surrounded by the mass of flesh, and finally ending up as the Thin Man, the adversary they faced throughout the game.

Fans had been wondering why Six betrayed Mono, but a theory by RepublicWorld suggests that Six decided to drop him after she saw his resemblance to the Thin Man when he took his mask off. But this betrayal was the very thing that turned him into the Thin Man.

The secret ending

Little Nightmares 2
Tarsier Studios

As for the secret ending, it ended up being more shocking than the normal one. It’s shorter, but it showed how Six managed to escape from a TV set, meaning she has got out of Pale City, but when she emerges, a glitched version of herself shows up and they stare at each other. Then the camera moves slightly towards a picture of The Maw, and the glitched Six disappears.

Theories suggest that Little Nightmares 2 is actually a prequel instead of a sequel and the first part happens after Six came out of Pale City. Since we see how Six gets her signature raincoat in the second game, that theory might actually be true.

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